10 hurt after plane crashes in Richmond stevegriffin near YVR

, FacebookVANCOUVER The pilot killed during yesterday's fiery plane crash near Vancouver airport terminal has been identified as 44 year old Luc Fortin of North Vancouver.Coroner service confirmed today that fortin died from"Energy"Incidents.The co start, 26 yr old matt robic, remains in critical but stable point out with burns to 80 per cent of his body, in order to bill hesse, the gm of prince george based northern thunderbird air, which powered the downed charter.Yesterday, at calgary general hospital, said coroner owen courtroom.An autopsy is now underway, he explained. "The next of kin was present for the duration of his death, court told the sun's rays friday morning.Court said the coroner service will work closely with the federal transportation safety board(Tsb), Dancing with the investigation, This person[Fortin] Was a pretty been subjected to pilot, Hesse said in a discussion. "He's been around since 2007, fortin has been a 14, 000 hour pilot who had worldwide flying experiences taking him to canada's north, antarctica, the maldives and many other places everyplace, hesse had to talk about.Hesse, who arrived in vancouver today, said fortin results in a wife and child.Robic, a definite 1, 400 hour start, joined the corporation in june of this year, hesse supplementary.The airline is small businesses with between 60 and 70 employees. "We just want to know so how it happened, he was quoted saying, adding that he has more questions than answers at this moment about caused the crash.Hesse said the company was in contact with the plane via radio and satellite before it crashed, but he likely share other details.Friday afternoon, two patients mixed up in crash remained in the intensive care unit at vgh, to be able to a vancouver coastal health release.Four other clients from the crash are in stable, but serious concern at vgh, and two others were released from hospital last week after receiving treatment one from vgh and one from richmond.No patients stay at richmond hospital, said vch speaker, trudi beutel, in the discharge, adding that all next of kin previously notified.Lead crash private eye bill yearwood told a news conference friday that it was an oil indicator light that prompted the pilots of the flight to turn back for yvr while flying at about 4, 600 metre distances above golden ears provincial park.The caution light did not prompt when you need it, only, as per strategy, forced the pilots to publish roughly 15 minutes into the flight.About 900 metres from the runway back at vancouver airport terminal and with its landing gear down in a stable approach, the plane veered 90 degrees left and crashed into russ baker way, yearwood wanted to say, that's our job:To determine why what was first a benign indicator problem turned into such a tragic event, yearwood announced.As it damaged, issues the plane hit a lamppost and a car.Your vehicle wasn't badly damaged, but its residents were taken to hospital, yearwood referred to, it was fortunate that it was clear enough to enable them to come to a stop before colliding with too many objects or people, recordings and radar data from yvr's control tower have been taken by detectives and witnesses have been interviewed yearwood said.A good solid"Blackbox"Containing the pilots' cockpit phone call but not any physical data Ralph Lauren Cheap Sale like the plane's altitude was recovered roughly intact.The recordings were sent to the tsb's lab in ottawa on friday to be delivered electronically.Yearwood said he anticipated having the audio from those last few minutes before the crash in his hands by the end of next week.Meanwhile researchers completed the physical inspection of the crash site early friday morning and soon will do more in depth study of the plane's machinery as it sits in a yvr hangar, in order to yearwood.Transport canada spokeswoman sara johnston said friday that impact all civilian federal department last conducted an inspection of northern thunderbird, like the aircraft involved in thursday's crash, in april 2010 and did not uncover any dilemmas.The captain and first officer had valid commercial pilot licenses and valid medical certs.Johnston noted that northern thunderbird air is a fully owned independent part of central mountain air and operates from prince george, with a sub based in calgary.